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Next Linus [BLG10010]
Considering how much more valuable ERP software is than operating system, lets crown David Jones OSS king of the hill and milk it for all it is worth.
2008 Elections [BLG10007]
2008 Elections more like a reality show.
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Next Linus: David Jones - next Linux Torvalds
Posted on: 2007-01-23 17:07:12.296
This is not any kind of hero worship; it is pragmatic marketing. You need a profile to attach to dynamic movements, if for no reason other than to pick fights with your competion - "our icon is more enigmatic than your icon". You need someone for publications to write articles about and "the next Linus Torvalds" is just the sort of catch phrase they would pick up on.

David won't like it. He will probably delete this seed data from the DB, but it is not really about him. He gave up his right to privacy when he chose to pursue the glamorous life of an open source software developer. We could choose someone else, but no one else knows enough about OFBiz to do the interviews.

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